The Propaganda and Training Com.

The Propaganda and Training Committee cooperated with the National Assembly to present lectures to celebrate the 25thAnniversary of the Lao PDR constitution

On August 29th, 2016, the Propaganda and Training

Committee (PTC) and the NationalAssembly cooperated together to present lectures in celebration of the 25thAnniversary of the Lao PDR constitution at the PTC meeting rooms.

The lecture was made by Lieutenant General Sengnouan Xayalath, Party Central Committee Secretariat and also the vice president of the National Assembly.

Participating in the meeting were, Mr Sisouk Phillavong, deputy secretariat of the party center committee and also the deputy head of the Propaganda and Training Committee, department heads, deputy department heads, the division head, the deputy division head, officers from surrounding ministries and officers of the Propaganda and Training Committee.

During the lecture, Lt. Gen. Sengnouan Xayalath spoke about the history of the creation, improvement and implementation of the constitution. His speech included information about the background, history, the significance of the constitution and the main content of this first constitution and also the amended versions to the 2003 and 2015 Lao PDR constitution.

He also added that the implementation of the first constitution of the Lao PDR was the greatest achievement of the party leadership. This led to the party’s policy to be defined as the content in the constitution which defined the principals in management and administration of the state and socio-economic management achieved during this time. It is also the reference for the implementation of government organisations at all levels to implement their roles and the responsibilities to be achieved and bring the benefits to the nation and Lao people.

Lt. Gen. Sengnouan Xayalath also called on all officers, military, policemen and all Lao people to acknowledge the importance of the constitution, to follow and implement the content of the constitution as it becomes more gradually effective.